Exclusive interview: Madame Destiny Megaways

Catalin Bratosin, the busy and increasingly prolific Head of Games at Pragmatic Play took the time to talk us through everything you need to know about their brand new release: Madame Destiny Megaways.

Pragmatic Play interview

We are extremely happy to get all the inside scoops on the development of their new hit slot and get an exclusive look under the hood.

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Interview with Catalin Bratosin, Head of Games at Pragmatic Play

In this interview, Catalin Bratosin will give his pitch for why everyone should try their new high RTP, high volatility slot, as he elso explains just why it was their classic Madame Destiny that was chosen for the upgrade.

He will also take us through how they not only increased the number of paylines but also the max win. Even better, he will walk you through exactly how their thumble feature works, and explain all of the smaller upgrades you might have missed.

Q: What made you decide to recreate the, shall we say “magic” of Madame Destiny, using the Megaways game system?

Madame Destiny was always a popular title in our portfolio and one that gained a steadfast collection of fans. Adding Megaways brings the mysterious Madame back to the forefront of the iGaming community’s mind, with the ability to give fans of the original a new title to explore, while also attracting new players.

Q: What are the main reasons someone should try Madame Destiny Megaways?

With more ways to win than ever before, Madame Destiny Megaways not only packs a staggering potential 200,704 paylines into the slot, but tumbling reels, huge multiplied free spins and the chance to win up to 5,000x your stake all combine to create an engaging iGaming experience.

With the occult theme retaining players from the original title, we add more exciting features and increase the win potential even further, making it a must-play title.

Q: Do you believe fans of the original Madame Destiny, will love the new Megaways set-up?

We haven’t changed the theme and the mystical ways of the Madame still enchant players, so we’re confident that they will love the new addition to the series. We’ve added multiple new features, giving fans of the game just more options to enjoy their favourite Pragmatic Play characters.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest surprise for a Madame Destiny fan?

The four-symbol bonus reel adds a thrilling layer of excitement and keeps players on the edge of their seat while waiting for an extra symbol which can trigger huge wins. This is something we can’t wait for our fans to enjoy.

The improved graphics also stand out in the title, immersing the players more than ever before.

Q: We noticed that even the soundscape also underwent a revamp. It now feels far more symphonic and absorbing. What made you decide to go the extra mile?

As the industry evolves and indeed technology advances, there are more avenues than ever before to improve gameplay. This can be major details, such as graphics or the switch from Flash to HTML5, or indeed smaller ones, such as evolution of sound delivery. We look for ways to improve our games in all facets, so this was just another way for us to elevate the title to the next level.

Q: A decent number of your slots already feature the exciting Tumbling feature and it makes its return here. Could you walk our readers through how it works, if it is worth it and whether or not it is recommended for everyone?

The Tumble Feature, also known as the cascade system, is active during the entire game session.

It works the same as in Gems Bonanza or Sweet Bonanza, and a number of our Megaways games. After a win, the winning combinations are paid out, while the symbols that were part of them disappear from the screen, making room for new ones coming from above.

The remaining symbols fall to the bottom of the reels as new ones fill the empty positions. The freshly added ones are the same size as the initial ones. This tumbling of symbols continues until no more winning combinations are possible, adding huge win potential to every spin.

Q: Madame Destiny Megaways has both a higher RTP and a higher max win than the original Madame Destiny. Was the goal simply to outdo it in every way?

The goal wasn’t necessarily that simple, but we wanted to create a more refined game. This includes better graphics, smoother performance, and yes, higher win potentials for players.

Updating our games doesn’t mean just making the graphics or theme sharper but also adding value to players in different ways and we’re very happy with how Madame Destiny Megaways has turned out.

Q: Was it the same team who worked on both Madame Destiny and Madame Destiny Megaways? How did it feel to return to the slot and make these changes?

It is the same team that has worked on both and it’s hugely satisfying to see a game, which is already so popular, be rolled out in a thrilling new format.

There are elements of the old game that the development team will love, but aspects of the new that they are really enthusiastic about. It was an exciting project and we can’t wait to see how our fans react.

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