New Italian AAMS Casinos

In this guide, we are going to examine all aspects of this prestigious license and what this means for both you as a player and the Italian licensed casinos.

AAMS Italy logoIn 2006 the state of Italy opened up its gambling market to online casinos within the EU, issuing licenses to those operators who meet its strict requirements. It is the state only that can legally permit offline and online gambling and such activity fall under the remit of the Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies- AAMS).

Latest Casinos with an Italian Gambling Licence 2024

Every time we review a new casino with an Italian Gambling Licence it will automatically be filtered into the list below. The list is currently quite short as we primarily focus on casinos for the UK and International players, while Italian Casinos are typically local.

PokerStars Casino

PokerStars Casino Review

Features of the Italian Gambling Licence

Features that a player will come across at new online casinos licensed by the Italian AAMS are evident from the offset, and the registration process requires players to sign a contract to disclose their personal data and also their ‘Codice Fiscale’ (tax code) along with sending in a copy of their ID which is then verified and registered by the AAMS. And players who fail to do so within a set timeframe will have their account automatically closed.

Casinos licensed in Italy must use the AAMS state-approved ‘Return to Players’ percentages, with Italy being one of the first countries to implement this within its gaming license.

It was only recently in 2012 when online slots were legally permitted to be played at AAMS Licensed Casinos and players will notice a limited amount of these available when in comparison to those online casinos licensed by the MGA or even UKGC for example.

The Key Responsibilities of the AAMS

AAMS regulates and controls all aspects of gambling in Italy, and it does so through constant audits and by having direct access to the servers of all casinos with Italy licenses. This ensures that consumers are playing with reliable operators, on trustworthy games and their data is both secure and safe. AAMS also ensures that players have direct and quick access to responsible gaming tools and this player protection is at the forefront of its many key responsibilities.

How Do You Know if an Online Casino Has an AAMS Licence?

It’s really easy to find out if a casino holds the Italy gaming license, this should legally be displayed at the bottom of the home page. When the AAMS logo when clicked, taking the player to the organisation’s website where the user can check this information on an official register.

It’s also legally required that all casinos licensed and Regulated by Italian AAMS Authority display their license registration number on their casino homepage.

What Are the Benefits of an AAMS Licence Compared to Others?

There are very few regulatory bodies who are as involved with their licensed casinos, as AAMS is. With the organisation having constant access to its casinos’ servers, whereby regular audits of players deposits and withdrawals are carried out with strict regulations in place to direct a casino to intervene should a player display signs of problem gambling, which is a huge positive for players.

AAMS requires its licensed casinos to carry out strict KYC procedures on all new customers, with players being registered on a centrally state-controlled system, making it almost impossible for fraud to be carried out.

Casinos with the AAMS license are also required to deposit a substantial amount of funds into a bank guarantee, to ensure that players would receive their winnings in the event of a casino closing down.

What Are the Risks Involved in Playing at an Online Casino Which Does Not Have an AAMS Licence?

It would be incredibly unwise for players in Italy to gamble at an online remote casino, without the AAMS license and in doing so, could be exposed to several risks which are not limited to:

  • Unreliable games, controlled to scam users
  • Lack of security of personal data
  • Players’ funds being used illegally
  • Not receiving winnings
  • High exposure to fraud
  • In case of a dispute, players would not have any assistance from AAMS

Recent Legislative Changes

It was announced in 2019 that AAMS will grant online gambling licenses for a maximum of 9 years, with a set fee of €2 million for each license renewal. AAMS will also have the legal powers to prevent Italian banks from processing transactions to online casinos who do not hold the appropriate Italian license.

How Can the AAMS Help Me if I Have a Complaint?

In the very unlikely event that a player should have cause to complain about an AAMS licensed casino, they should first make contact in writing to the casino to try and resolve the issue. AAMS does not directly get involved with players complaints, however, they are notified of these and can examine, fine or close down an online casino accordingly.


Is it legal to place bets on an online sportsbook in Italy?

Yes, you can enjoy sportsbook at an AAMS casino, the regulations for casino games are exactly the same for online sports betting and live casino too.

Can online casinos advertise in Italy?

In 2018 the Italian government made it illegal for casinos to advertise their services during any sports events and also prevents gambling companies from offering sponsorships to football clubs in Italy.

Is it safe to gamble at an AAMS licensed casino?

Absolutely, the AAMs gambling license is one of the strongest in the world and its many layers of player protection especially regarding responsible gaming and payments, make Italian licensed casinos some of the safest to play at.

Do game providers also need an AAMS license?

Yes, and games need to be subjected to rigorous ongoing testing to ensure their fairness as well as being set to the AAMS requirements for RTP’s- which must also be displayed clearly on any game.

Do AAMS casinos offer bonuses?

It is legal for online casinos with an AAMS license to offer bonuses, and the license itself does not influence casino bonuses.

Can I play for free at an AAMS casino?

Yes, it is legal for players to ‘try out’ any of the games at an AAMS casino and play in ‘demo mode’, you may need to create an account at the casino first in some cases.

Will I be charged a withdrawal fee at an AAMS casino?

Most casinos will not charge fees for withdrawing, though it is always best to check first before signing up. Some payment methods may apply small fees and, once again, check this out before using the method.