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Games Os Big LogoGames OS is an East-European casino game developer that provides a formidable gaming portfolio, especially given the company’s age and size. It is a tiny, little gem of the iGaming industry and has proved its worth by developing some classic slot games like Cash Out Fortune, Sea of Gold, and Magic of Oz.

Games OS is the rebranded avatar of CTXM, an original game developer that was launched in 2009. This rebranding, which happened in 2016, changed the company from head to toe and it finally found its niche, which is social gambling.

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The Story of  Games OS

The company has a robust presence on Facebook and is chalking out big releases on this platform. However, the core iGaming platform is still the heart and soul of Games OS. The company has recently diversified its products to include in 2019 online casino management services, ready-made casino solutions, personalized designing and a whole range of back-office services. Games OS (formerly known as CTXM) was launched in 2009, with a vision to provide quality gaming content to the burgeoning iGaming platform.

It started off in a small office in Riga, Latvia and soon came under the spotlight for its innovative algorithms and simple gameplay. These initial games from the brand helped it gain popularity, not only from punters but also big-time investors. When proper money finds proper talent, the result is always sweet. From a small company catering for a select few jurisdictions, CTXM rose to new heights with defining partnerships with 10Bet, Every Matrix Platform and BetSoft.

These partnerships integrated the company’s portfolio into the mainstream online gambling market of Europe. By the start of 2011, the company started testing the waters with its own sports betting platform and social-media gaming. The company would later settle in for social gambling as its niche, as the sports betting platform was already too saturated with high-end brands. However, it found a warm and hospitable market on Facebook, which was at the nascent stages of development.

CTXM took its leap of faith in this market and committed most of its investments and workforce in actualizing its social-media gaming content. Its first Facebook-enabled slot game, Slots Farm stole the spotlight and became an instant hit on the market.

Many such titles were to follow on the Facebook platform but the company remained firmly dedicated to the iGaming industry, where it launched its games first. Games OS has deep roots in the iGaming industry, which comes with years of meticulous effort in brand building and forming vital partnerships with leading operators. CTXM has also focused a lot of energy on developing its gaming portfolio, which now contains games from different categories like slots, table games, card games, video poker and arcade games.

Games OS Portfolio

Games OS currently has a portfolio of 180+ online slots with the company releasing 15-20 games every year. In its 7 years of casino games development, Games OS has delivered many notable casino games like Rock the Mouse, which follows the life of a mouse who loves rock music. Yes, you heard it right, and there are more of these quirky storylines that will definitely humour up your gambling experience.

After spending some time on Rock the Mouse’s Jackpot feature and two bonus games, “Cheese Lovers Orchestra” and “Catch me”, do check out the brand’s first social network game, Farm Slot, a light and simple game but rich in its own style of animations and a unique gamification feature that beats many popular models. You can win seeds and plant them in the Freaky Pots field and watch these seeds grow into bonuses trees which will give you a constant source of bonuses throughout your gaming journey.

If you are a fan of the Southern Cowboy Culture, then Games OS has the right brand for you. Freaky Cowboys is the name and the story revolve around the sheriff of a small desert town, who encounters a band of runaway bandits. Meticulously planned out to the last detail, this game comes with the classic punch of suspense and surprise. Apart from slots, video poker, and table games, the casino offers a moderate-level Sports betting platform.

Games OS has also forayed into the Live Gaming industry in partnership with LimeLight and EntwineTech. You can play a mélange of Baccarat (Traditional, Pair, Super, Premium), Roulette (Big Screen, European, Asian, 3D) and Blackjack (Big Screen, Crazy 21) games. Immerse yourself in these awesome variations of classic table games with full HD relay and the advantage of mobile gaming.

Games OS is now a brand of many virtues and provides more than just casino games. Its newest offering is the sophisticated XBase platform, which offers unmatched convenience to casino operators in games aggregation, casino hosting, virtualization services and a holistic framework of casino management services. The XBase Gaming Platform is one of the finest products in multi-merchant and multi-brand based platforms.

It is not only cost-effective but is also very flexible and faster to incorporate. The true test of its flexibility is in its open-source API which allows a great deal of personalization when it comes to in-game bonuses and promotions policies. Now casino operators can decide how to reward their players within a common framework. The XBase also introduces the convenience of multiple languages and multiple currencies. You also have a fully-functional network of major payment facilitators from online banking, card payments, e-wallets, pre-paid cards and phone payments.

The Games OS casino slots portfolio can be integrated with your existing one easily within a matter of 4 weeks. You can also avail ancillary services from Games OS like design and implementation of IT infrastructure, quality assurance, internal auditing, fraud detection, virtualization of production infrastructure, global proxy cloud services, tournament planning and bonus distribution systems, VIP club developmental services, rebranding services, and multi-language support centres.

The XBase platform also provides basic hosting services for merchant operators and can support up to 2000 players at once. This package includes automated system updates, real-time customer activity analytics, affiliate marketing programs, and cloud-based backups so you can access your casino from anywhere, anytime.