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Baum Games LogoThe online gaming industry, as it is today, is the result of tremendous passion, hard work, and innovation. If there is one company that epitomizes each of these aspects into one, it is Baum Games, a Romanian brand of casino game developer. Its founder, Octavian Manu is no less of a legend in the gambling community and he has brought Romania into the map of European gambling scene. Baum Games has been in existence since 1993 and is no stranger to the world of gambling. Dominated by American and German gaming cabinets, Baum Games is one of the brands that actually competes very well with its sheer creativity and innovation.

Being an aged and time-tested brand, it has its own character that defines the gaming experience. Most of its casino games offer a rich and immersive gaming experience along with generous RTPs. Baum Games was initially a manufacturer of gaming cabinets and later forayed into creating its own casino games for its cabinets. The company has been vocal about its plans to launch its products in different markets across Latin America and consolidate its presence in Europe and Romania, before stepping into the online gaming industry.

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+ Exciting and Rewarding games
+ Premium quality gaming cabinets
+ Huge portfolio of slot games

– No prominent online presence
– Most games limited to Romania

Short Facts

Company Name: Baum Games
Address: C. BAUM S.R.L. Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, Nr.49 Dumbraveni, 555500, Sibiu Romania
Slogan: Ideas. Solutions. Results
Games: More than 40
Established: 1993
Phone Number: +40 269 865893
E-mail: [email protected]
Offices in: Romania
Game Releases:

The Story of Baum Games

Like every great thing ever born, Baum Games too has an eventful history. The story started in the year 1993, with just 15 machines at work. This number expanded 7 times and touched 100+ machines, all within 3 years. The company always enjoyed an organic growth as it always listened to the voice of the market and then exceeded everybody’s expectations. With a rising demand for its gaming cabinets, the company decided to introduce its own brand of casino cabinets, the famous Dracula series. But the Dracula Games Series wasn’t fully developed until 2002 because of the change in the gambling landscape of Europe in 1996 when the company was forced to alter its track abruptly due to major changes in gambling legislation. This meant a rollback of several machines and a big hit to the company’s revenue. Thus, began a long period of stagnation, when the company was almost in a limbo.

The founder of Baum Games said, in a recent interview, that it was a “time that tested our patience, but perseverance happens to be a winning bet.” It’s true because the company rose out of its ashes like a phoenix and restructures all its games to optimize with the latest regulations. Within 2002, the Dracula Games and Dracula’s Jackpot System became operational, which ran into 8 sequels, with a lot more in store. The machines from these series have been exported to international markets and have enjoyed worldwide success. The Dracula multigame series was added in 2008 which became an instant hit among avid punters, who could now enjoy seamless interchange of casino games, with a single account.

Moreover, the Dracula’s Jackpot System connects all the 64 gaming stations of the company with each other so random players get to win live changing jackpot amounts. Keep your eyes open for the famous bat symbol or the “Jackpot Indicator”, which multiplies your bet amount by the four different levels of jackpot wins. The Dracula Cabinets have brought in several new features and is regarded as one of the best machines in the AWP Slot category. The nostalgic brand is yet to be transformed into its online avatar but it is a confirmed natural evolution in this evolving industry.

The biggest downside of Baum Games is its nascent presence in the online iGaming industry. This is where the company misses out of all the action as the most active gamblers are now gambling through the web or mobile-based casinos. We believe that the casino is waiting for the opportune moment to launch into the new online casino world. The company enjoys a completely different reputation in its home country of Romania, where it is known for, which is a popular betting platform for regional and international games. Players can also taste some of the best slots from NetEnt in the casino section of the platform. With its eye on the online casino industry, we can be assured that Baum Games would soon enter the iGaming industry with much pomp. We have faith in the casino’s potential to deliver on some quality online renditions of its land-based version, as it contains all the right ingredients in place.

Baum Games Portfolio

The casino games of Baum Games, bundled in different Dracula Series, packs in a wholesome gambling experience. One of the most favorite game is the Rise of Maya, which is a 5-reels, 3 symbols per reel slot game, with 20 pay lines. The game features a rich interface, decorated with awesome animations of Mayan temples and deep rainforests. It has the iconic Supra Bet, where for every spin you wager you get back 5 extra spins to fuel your game forward. The game has a Mayan Temple as its Wild and Scatter Symbol and an addictive tune of clinking money. You can win up to 10 free games and also enjoy the Extra Expanding feature, which increases your chances of winning as you play more and more.

Another enjoyable game in the Dracula 5 and 6 series is The Musketeers, which is a trip down the lane to Spanish ego and machoism. Watch out for the ‘D’Artagnan’ symbol as that is your key to the Wild feature. The Scatter Symbol triggers a shower of 15 free games. The Gypsies, available in the Dracula 7 series, is another local favorite in Romania and already has a sequel, The Gypsies 2. The Gypsies series is notable for its Gypsy Man Wild Symbol, whose appearance across the reels means 10, 25 or 100 Free Games. The Rose is the Wild Symbol, which gives you a forced win. The cherry on top for this game is the Lucky Win feature, which doles out 15000 times the bet amount per line, whenever you find the Gypsy Woman appear in all the 15 positions of the five reels.