New Ripple Casinos

There are many new online casinos that offer this digital currency as a payment method and in our Ripple review, we will explore how this crypto could benefit your gaming.

ripple logoRipple enjoys huge popularity all around the world, enabling its users to safely and quickly send payments anywhere. Costs related to this are incredibly low and the company has the backing of some of the world’s largest banks, offering greater stability.

Casinos Offering Ripple Games 2024

How Does Ripple Work?

ripple cryptocurrencyGetting started with Ripple is really simple, you will first need to download one of the many eWallets available online, this is where you will store your Ripple and carry out your transactions from.

Ripple can then be purchased with standard currency or exchanged from another crypto, at one of the many coin exchanges online, depositing the crypto into your chosen wallet in minutes. You are then ready to go and enjoy your new crypto in a Ripple casino.

Ripple vs Bitcoin

Created in 2012 by a group of developers with a vision to provide new crypto with supreme versatility and variety, Ripple was born. But the developers did not stop there and soon recognised that financial institutions needed a more efficient way to send payments around the world, the platform RippleNet was then launched.

  • Bitcoin is mined, Ripple is not. It uses a unique mechanism of servers to check its transactions rather than relying on blockchain mining.
  • Faster payments and lower costs. There are 100 billion pre-mined Ripple coins in existence and only 21 million Bitcoins, meaning that Ripple transactions are carried out in seconds at a very low cost, whereas Bitcoin payments can take hours and costs can be considerably higher.
  • Decreased volatility. As Ripple is pre-mined it holds its value significantly more than Bitcoin. This can be a huge plus for those online casino players who prefer more stability when it comes to their payments.

Is Ripple Safe to Use?

Using this crypto is incredibly safe, thanks to the advanced blockchain technology. The crypto is decentralised, meaning that it operates on a peer-to-peer network with no need to disclose your details to a 3rd party payment processor.

Your Ripple gambling transactions will remain anonymous, and the company has the backing of the leading financial institutions throughout the world who each use the Ripple technology to process their payments with.

Best Ripple Games

There are many Ripple games out there at crypto-friendly casinos, that can all be played in exactly the same way as standard currency casino games. In fact, crypto users have really spoilt for choice thanks to the rise in popularity of digital currencies at online casinos, and among these, players will be able to sample hundreds of Ripple slots, live casino tables, scratch cards, simple Ripple dice games as well as even being able to use the crypto for sports betting.

Ripple FAQ’s

1. What is a paper crypto wallet?

They work by storing your crypto coins using private or public keys on a piece of paper, rather than on an internet based wallet.

2. What are the fees associated with using Ripple?

There are initial fees when buying your Ripple at a coin exchange, but there are no fees attached for using it to deposit and withdraw at an online casino.

3. How do I find a trusted Ripple casino?

Players should always be sure that any new casino which they sign up to holds an official gambling license, that can be checked on the regulators’ own website for its authenticity. We also have a number of Ripple casinos which we have tried and tested from a players’ perspective, which you can trust and rely on.

4. Are players subjected to special terms at a Ripple casino?

Using any crypto could mean that players have certain basic terms imposed that they need to adhere to, but using Ripple is still a very straightforward payment option. Any special terms are related to the casino itself and players should always check these out before signing up.

5. Do Ripple casinos offer faucets?

A large number of crypto-friendly casinos will offer a faucet which the player can specify which crypto they would like to receive through its rewards system. The faucet acts like a Ripple casino no deposit bonus scheme, by ‘dripping’ handfuls of coins into your online casino balance for completing in-game challenges, referring a friend and many more simple tasks.

6. Do many online casinos offer Ripple?

Thanks to the successes which Bitcoin enjoys as a payment option at online casinos, there is a large number which now offers Ripple as well as other various cryptocurrencies too. As the market for cryptos increases then we should expect to see more of a range accepted at casinos.