50% Welcome Bonus

This is by far the most popular type of bonus available, and we will try our utmost to showcase the many benefits of claiming such as an offer.

If you are new to the world of online casinos, it is normal to find many casino terminologies and jargon a little daunting and overwhelming. Among the plethora of casino bonuses presented to players, there is the prolific match deposit bonus.

Different online gaming sites offer various casino bonuses, and there may be subtle differences that may confuse players or lead to misunderstandings.

This also applies to the match deposit bonus, which comes in varying amounts. The main aim of this bonus is to boost your bankroll and to spice up your gaming session. Similar to a standard welcome bonus, it comes with its own surprises.

Check out our complete list of 50% match deposit welcome bonuses below.

What is a 50% Matched Deposit Welcome Bonus?

An online casino match deposit welcome bonus mirrors the amount you are deposited into a casino account. You can use this bonus to play your favourite online slot games for real money as well as other games, such as RNG software games and instant-win games.

The amount you will receive depends on the percentage attached to the bonus, which is 50%.

As generous as these offers sound, they often come with limits and caps in place, meaning that the gaming operator can only match your deposit up to a specific amount.

These limits are marked with the offer. For example, an offer would state that you would receive a 50% match deposit bonus of up to €100.

Even so, you should be aware that a matched deposit bonus comes in various shapes and forms, but this also applies to the various terms and conditions.

The more you learn about the offers available at casinos, the simpler and quicker you will be able to learn how they work.

How does a 50% Welcome Bonus work?

Matched deposit bonuses are quite straightforward. Your online gaming operator of choice will match a percentage of your first deposit in the form of bonus funds. Most sites offer between 50% and 100% deposit matches, which is quite generous.

Offers are usually promoted as 50% matched deposit up to €100. The caps usually vary. If you deposit €100, the casino offers you €50 in bonus cash, totalling €150 for you to spend on gambling.

Matched deposit bonuses are some of the most lucrative offers out there since they can double the amount you deposit; however, with sizable wagering requirements, some scouting is required to ensure you get the most player-friendly promotions.

Why should you choose a 50% welcome bonus?

You have the option to either play with what you deposit or to get something a little extra on top. A matched deposit bonus gives you ample opportunity to try your hands on the best RTP online slot games, play progressive jackpot games with sizeable prize pots and join in on numerous live casino games.

Though most offers may look the same, the devil is in the details. You must pay careful attention to the terms and conditions of any offer you are thinking of claiming, as this is where most bonuses will differ from one another.

Failure to do so can result in disappointment. Look for low wagering requirements, high caps on winnings and check for any game exemptions in place.

You can always shop for more significant match deposit percentages, too, including 100% welcome bonuses and 200% welcome bonuses. The benefits are just the same, albeit more lucrative.

How to withdraw a 50% welcome bonus

This ties in with our previous point. Newbies to the online gambling world might think of these offers as free money which can be cashed out. As lovely as that may sound, bear in mind that casinos are in the business to make money, so they don’t give away money willy-nilly.

All bonuses come with some form of terms and conditions, which highlight what you need to do to convert your acquired bonus money into withdrawable real money. Careful attention must be paid to the wagering requirements, as these will mostly dictate your chances and odds of converting your funds.

The average wagering requirement on the market is 35x. Anything lower than this is excellent, while anything higher reduces your chances of withdrawing considerably. Meet the wagering requirements, and you should be able to cash out your 50% welcome bonus.

Can a 50% welcome bonus expire?

Nothing will last forever, and neither will a 50% welcome bonus. Bonuses are provided with the aim of you spending them in as little time as possible, so the casino can try to sell you other promotions.

The expiry date is highlighted in the fine print. Most bonuses expire within 7 days, which gives you ample opportunity to spend your bonus and try to meet the wagering requirements.

It is not unheard of for a bonus to expire within 28 days, but we have also seen bonuses that expire 48 and 72 hours as well.

If you like to split your gaming session over smaller ones, you need to be mindful of the expiry date. Failure to do will result in the forfeiture of your bonus.

Do all online casinos provide 50% welcome bonuses?

No, but 50% welcome bonuses are some of the most popular ones out there. Casinos often give out 50% reload bonuses and give out bigger percentages as a welcome offer.

Since the competition is rife in the online gambling market, casinos are going out of their way to provide the biggest and most attractive bonuses in order to lure players to sign up and make a deposit.

50% welcome deposit bonuses give players a good head start, regardless of the size of the deposit they are making. Whether it is for a few Euros or a more sizeable deposit, it benefits everyone.

Is a 50% welcome casino bonus only available to new players?

Yes. All players who sign up for a casino account and make a deposit have the option to claim a 50% welcome casino bonus. Players also have the choice not to take advantage of this offer and to play with the funds deposited.

It should be noted that once a welcome bonus is refused, players will not get the chance to claim it somewhere down the line.

However, they can benefit from other types of bonuses, including rewards points, loyalty schemes, free spins deals and cashback. Similarly, all players who take advantage of the welcome offer can get their hands on other promotions once they have used up the welcome offer.

Is a 50% welcome casino bonus right for me?

It all depends on what you are after when you are looking to game online. If you are looking for a boost to your bankroll, a 50% welcome casino bonus is more than suitable for you. It will give you the time to play more games, the chance to win a jackpot and to properly test out a casino before committing to more deposits in the future.

Some players might not want to deal with the hassle of the terms and conditions that come with the bonus, so this may not be ideal for them. Even so, having a quick look at the fine print should ultimately make or break a deal.

We think a 50% matched deposit bonus provides more benefits than disadvantages. The cons of taking such a bonus are so minimal that they would hardly dent your bankroll.

It is important that you pay attention to expiry dates, the wagering requirements that come attached with the bonus and any caps on winnings that might be imposed.

50% Welcome Bonus and Wagering Requirements

Also known as playthroughs, the wagering requirements come between converting bonus cash into withdrawable money and the player.

To safeguard their interests, casinos impose wagering requirements to ensure that they don’t go out of pocket and to ward off any potential bonus abusers.

A wagering requirement states the number of times you would need to wager your bonus before it is released to be withdrawn. It is a straightforward concept to understand, but it could lead to disappointment if you are not aware of it.

You need to look for the lowest or fairest wagering requirements attached to the bonus as a player.

Very often, the terms also dictate that some games, such as live casino games, may not contribute towards these requirements. If you are a live casino fan, you should be aware of this as you may be otherwise blowing your bonus money on games without any benefits.

Are 50% Casino Welcome Bonuses Worth it?

Yes, we think so, especially if you are playing with a small amount of money. For example, if you deposit €10, you can get a boost of €5. It may not mean much to the discerning eye, but a few cents could be the difference between you snapping up a jackpot or not.

Careful attention must be paid to the terms and conditions. It should also be noted that although bonuses might look the same, they don’t have the same value. The terms are what will help players discern whether it is worth it or not.

Sometimes a small match deposit bonus might provide the fairest of terms. On the other hand, the bigger the limits, the higher the playthroughs. Players should always weigh their options well.


  • Starting off with a bigger bankroll
  • Chance of winning real money
  • Play a variety of games


  • Bothersome wagering requirements
  • Caps on winnings and limits
  • Game exemptions and contributions

Other Types of Match Deposit Welcome Bonuses

A 50% matched deposit bonus is a good setup for most players, but it is not the only one of its kind. There are bigger and better bonuses with higher percentages available for you to take.

Though they may look the same, careful attention must be paid to the overall pictures and the fine print.

You can check out the below bonuses that offer lower and higher percentiles:

Best New Casinos with a 50% Welcome Bonus

If you are ready to get started and just can’t wait to claim a welcome bonus, you can check out the list on this page that brings together the best 50% match deposit welcome bonuses.

All of these bonuses are supplied by trustworthy and licensed online casinos that have undergone our scrutiny before being deemed safe and reliable.

We recommend you read the many reviews available on our site to familiarise yourself with what is on offer in terms of gaming options, promotions and banking methods accepted.


New Casinos FAQ1. What is the Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit for any offer you are thinking of claiming will vary from one casino site to another. It is usually stated along with the offer. Some bonuses can be claimed for as little as €10, but they can also be higher than this.

It is essential that you are mindful of the minimum deposit. If you do not meet the minimum threshold, you risk losing out on the welcome offer.

2. What is the Maximum Amount that a Casino will payout?

The maximum amount will also depend on the casino and the bonus you are thinking of claiming. If the offer states that it is willing to pay out a 50% match deposit bonus up to €200, then that is the maximum amount it will pay out.

You would need to make a minimum deposit of €400 to receive the €200 payout, though.

3. What is the withdrawable limit?

The withdrawable limit will also vary from one gaming site to another, but it is also stipulated in the terms and conditions. Better known as the Caps on Winnings, this is the amount that you will be able to cash out once you have met the wagering requirements and other terms that come with the bonus.

Bear in mind that if, for example, there is a cap on winning of €100 and you have €200 in winnings, you can only cash out €100 in total. The remainder €100 will be lost.

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