Football fan pays $2.6 million for a VIP ticket to a football match

The football fan has reportedly spent circa $2.6 million in a bid to obtain a VIP ticket to see the two football stars go head–to–head in an exhibition match in Sauri Arabia. The two footballers have a record of producing memorable games.

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A fan has forked out an eye-watering $2.6 million for a VIP ticket to attend an exhibition match at the King Fahd International Stadium that will feature both Lionel Messi’s club Paris Saint Germain and Cristiano Ronaldo’s new club Al Nassr.

The special ticket for this match was auctioned off by Saudi Arabia’s government’s entertaining branch, which also guaranteed the highest bidder the option to meet both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo., They will also have access to the trophy award displayers and the club’s dressing rooms.

The bidding for this VIP experience started off at $260,000 before it quickly rose to a whopping $2.6 million last Wednesday, January 18th. The funds raised from the auction will go to charity.

The upcoming game between the two football stars will be the final time that the two will take the pitch together at the same time. The two footballers are considered among some of the best footballers in professional football history.

The last time they met was in December 2020, when Barcelona beat Juventus 3 – 0 in the Champions League final.

This match will also be Ronaldo’s very first football game for the Saudi Pro League Club Al Nassr. He moved away from Manchester United after penning a contract worth over $214 million per year.

The 37-year-old left Manchester United in December 2022 and has yet to play his first game after receiving a 2-match suspension after being found guilty by the English FA of knocking a cell phone from a fan’s hand back in April of 2022.

Cristiano is now scheduled to make his first football debit for Al Nassr against Ettifaq on January 22nd.