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Welcome to NewCasino.com. My name is Daniel, an author, and editor on New Casino. I have a wealth of experience in the online gambling space given that I’ve been in the industry for more than five years now. But my journey to success has not been an easy one. After all, if the road to success was easy, we wouldn’t have so many life coaches, and so few successful online gamblers. So rather than tell you why you should listen to my advice, here’s a little bit of my story to show you where my advice and authority stems from.From a young age, I loved soccer. I love playing soccer and watching games with my close friends and family. I was one of those people who kept track of the stats and knew a team’s history at heart. But that was about it for the better part of my teen years.At 23 I stumbled upon gambling. It was then that I realized I could use the information that I had amassed over time to make money. The idea was great on paper. It’s the implementation process that gave me a hard time. You see, having all the facts about a team and a game is not everything. You need to have a strategy and understand betting at a fundamental level. Needless to say, I went on a losing streak before things started looking up. And when the sun finally shone on me, I was super excited. My betting journey led me to the discovery of a whole new world – online casinos.Now it’s true that I had betting basics from my experience in soccer betting. But even then, I had to go through a learning curve. As I was learning this new industry, I came across quite a few unfair services. These online casinos only looked out for themselves. Provided they are making money; they could care less about my experience with them. I could’ve dropped dead for all they cared (well, not entirely, but that’s how they made me feel). So yes, I’ve kissed my fair share of frogs in the online casino industry. But that’s okay because looking back, they made me cautious and question every claim made.I learned to do my homework and check if they are licensed or not. I learned to put my online gaming needs first before those of an online casino. This is to mean that if a casino doesn’t provide me with value in terms of security and safety, a variety of games, banking options and a website that’s great to look at, I quit it.Everything that I went through prepared me for this time. All the problems I’ve encountered put me in a unique position to review and critique online casino platforms. I know what works and what doesn’t. Heck, I can smell a scam platform a mile away. On this platform, you’ll come across detailed and honest reviews of online gaming casinos I’ve tried before. The information will be detailed enough to help you make an informed decision.In addition to my gambling experience, I have a degree in Literature which allows me to write an in-depth analysis in a manner that’s easy to understand. I believe my recommendations will position you on the path to success.If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me via Google+, Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can comment on my reviews, and I’ll be sure to get back to you soon.

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