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FSB is a leading brand of sports betting platform in Europe and offers fully white label solutions, customizable enterprise solutions and also a sophisticated retail EPOS machine. The brand was launched in 2007 by a group of industry experts and a passion to re-engineer the entire sports betting dynamics of Europe. It is a UK-based company with its headquarters in the financial Capital of the World, London. The company has always been futuristic in its thinking and has been at the forefront of any revolution in the iGaming industry. It has long understood the importance emergence of online sport-betting and more importantly, mobile gaming. It has started to work on a seamless sport-betting platform from early 2008 and has made tremendous strides towards its goal.

FSB It is one of the few companies which have maintained a consistent track-record of innovation and freshness. This is good news for the world of casinos as the company has brought forward a lot of international gaming events into the fold and also brought new betting features like advanced update mechanism, real-time monitoring of all bets, user-engagement and finally its uber friendly user-interface, which is a result of many updates and improvements. One of the best things about FSB Tech is its flexibility in design and thinking. It is one of the most progressive companies of the iGaming platform because it is always focused on the future and thinks of improving itself. This innate competition of the company with itself has translated into a highly efficient platform, which is now being sourced out to multiple locations across the globe.

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The Story of FSB Tech

Even though sports betting remains the company’s primary forte, the group has now diversified itself to provide holistic casino management services. This was a natural evolution of the company as the FSB group has all the right kind of contacts in the iGaming industry and is powered by an ambitious workforce, which has no dearth of creativity and innovation. FSB Tech remains a dominant leader in the Sports Betting industry. As of 2017, it processes a staggering 2 million bets on an average day, which exceeds to touch 5 million on holidays. This is a testimony to the company’s continuous endeavor to provide something new. This quality not only held by the existing players but also created an influx of fresh new players. The FSB platform is now home to thousands of players from all the four corners of the world. Its operation domain has reached disparate markets like Africa, Australia, China, and the US.

The retail wing of the company is powered by an innovative new EPOS system, which can be introduced to any licensed marketplace like betting casinos, stadiums, racetracks, etc. The EPOS is astutely designed to incorporate all the latest features of sport-betting and is bets can be introduced into the system with just four simple buttons. The FSB EPOS system comes with a responsive touchscreen and a unique centrally-backed operating system. The machine is ergonomically designed to consume less space yet it is big enough to provide a wonderful betting experience to end-users. The cashier section can be automatically linked to the new FSB Wallet services, which is a seamless connection between merchants and users. The EPOS system comes with centrally-backed servers, which provide real-time access to thousands of sporting events across the world. It is being safely used in multiple jurisdictions of Africa, Australia and Europe and operators are in love with it for its profitable commissions model.

The FSB EPOS system is also a very cost-effective way of running your own internet-backed betting station as it requires minimum-training or maintenance. The product is strongly backed by internal-auditing and customer-support for the operators. Moreover, there is good news for the punters who wish to continue the fun of FSB EPOS system. The EPOS system is fully integrated and connected with the FSB sports-betting platform, and you can easily manage your bets from the mobile version or even access the cashier section of your smartphone. This integration makes sure that you never lose touch with your bets and never miss out on any action.

Even though FSB’s popularity is at its very peak, we believe that the company has miles to go. The company already has strategic partnerships with many leading brands of the iGaming industry for outsourcing their sport-betting platform. Most of the company’s clients are top-tier casino operators and operate within specific markets. This list includes some of the most prestigious and exclusive names like Fastpick.com, BetLion, Tommy French, 188 Bet, Soka Bet, Toals Bookmakers, John Flynn Private Bookmakers, etc. The trust of these premium brands rests on the shoulders of FSB and it has so far done a laudable job in refining its platform to redefine sports betting. The brand has done a lot for the improvement of online sport-betting and has helped this trade to come out into the mainstream.

If you are a casino operator and want to include a world-class sports betting platform into your system UI, FSB is one of our prime recommendations. Its reputation speaks for itself and it has recently added a whole lot of casino games into the kit, to make it into a holistic casino games aggregator. Many new developments within the company’s structure and business model are going to provide many benefits to casino operators across the world. The company is now planning to develop its own wallet, its own casino, advanced analytics, bespoke integration options, geographic customer support, and tailored pricing strategies.

All these will redefine the way we bet. The company also has its own blog, which covers different upcoming trends in the market. It has some informative content for anyone interested in the present and the future of the gambling industry. Currently, FSB manages a handful of themed casinos in different jurisdictions of the world like GentingBet Casino from the UK, Mkekabet of Tanzania, QuinnBet of Ireland, FastPick of New Jersey, etc. Most of its casino developmental services are based in the UK and Ireland.

Casino Licenses

The group of casinos that are sharing this casino platform are also sharing the same gambling licenses for being allowed to provide real money betting in some counties. In this case, FSB Technology (UK) Limited is a holder of the UK Gambling Commission.

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