Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot Review

Max Quest Casino BannerIf October wasn’t good to you, things are about to turn around. How? Well, a new gaming slot is set to be announced as the month comes to a close. This game is bound to take change the igaming world. Max Quest-Wrath of Ra is designed to reinvent the wheel. It will set new trends that other online gaming slots will follow. You probably think this is an exaggeration huh? But it’s not. The game is set in ancient Egypt – in the scary underground tombs. Moreover, Max Quest is a multiplayer game that perfectly combines console gaming elements with real money slot mechanisms. I expect this game to appeal to adventurous and fun-loving players. If this is you, stay with me and read the review to the end (If not, you should still read through the review).

Features of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot

So here is what Betsoft’s Max Quest offers.

Max Quest is a role-playing slot game designed to suck you into its world with its cinematic feel. The game accepts up to 6 players and has 10 pay lines. The six players will work together to find their way through the tombs. They’ll be firing bullets at enemies. Note: the bullets fired will represent the wages placed in the game and the enemies are substitutes for the conventional slot machine symbols you are used to. Hitting the enemies might reveal a win for you.

Now, if you do decide to use real money in the game, players from different continents and countries can join you in your mission and help you reel in the big win. This ‘pooling’ of efforts drastically improves your winning chances.

Launching Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Once you open the game, you’ll be prompted to select a game room and buy your weapons and bullets. The weapon options include grenades, lasers, a gun, and chain. Each weapon comes with a set of pro and cons (but this is the case with everything in life). The weapons also vary in the number of shots they pack. The shot range from 1 to 10.

When you hit and destroy an enemy, and if you’re lucky, you’ll reveal a prize that’ll improve your gaming rating. Additionally, Max Quest is full of treasures for players to collect. These treasures help unlock Player Achievements in the game and rise through the ranks on the leaderboard.

Yes, Max Quest is linked to a leaderboard. How cool is that! And that’s not even the best part. Players who manage to secure their place at the top ranks will earn some cash prizes, some in-game improvements, and more perks. The money divided among the high ranking players will come from 2% of all stakes places in every game. It’s also worth noting that operators can tailor the leaderboard prizes. This means that different players win prizes based on the online casino they choose to play the game with.

Now you probably are wondering if the game will need some special skills and coordination to hack. Being that it involves shooting enemies to win prizes. The short version answer is no. Max quest is a game for videogamers and slot players. As a slot game, the outcomes are random just like in normal online slot games.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Bonus

If you’re hoping for a bonus, you should be optimistic. With the revolution the game brings to the current online casino industry, there are bound to be special promotions. That and the fact that as a new player you’ll be eligible to a welcome bonus (this is a standard for online casinos).

Max Quest Review Conclusion

Max Quest is more than an online slot game. It’s an experience. Its creators blend the best bits of social games, video gaming, and RNG. The result is a rewarding hybrid that will change the online casino experience.

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