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2017 has shown an array of entrants on the global market. In other words, the trend of the past years is continuing.  In September we saw 7 great websites, while so far 6 of new online casinos has been launched in October 2017. From what we hear, there are a lot of new and exciting brands currently under development, and some of them will bring innovative and exciting concepts to the online casino world later this year. Also, lets not forget that we are expecting many established casinos to re-enter the arena with totally redesigned sites and unique features. Here are all the best new casinos for 2017. Click on a review to get in-depth reviews with ratings by both users and experts based on software, bonuses, look and feel, game variety, deposit methods and customer support:

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New Casino Trends 2017: What is happening?

It is still early days for 2017, but we can predict the trends that we are going to see this year based on the momentum of last year and what we have seen so far. We predict that 2017 will be a big year for live casinos. In 2016 we saw massive growth in this section of the industry. Every online casino worth its salt had a link to live table games. The reason for this is possible that companies like Evolution Gaming are renting out tables and recording equipment to online casinos. In the past, they would have needed to set up their own casino studio which was clearly a venture for the larger brands. Services like this are making it affordable and easy for anyone to get involved in the growing live casino market. Another factor is the technology achievements that makes live streaming more affordable and reliable.

Another trend that we are expecting will carry through the year is the gamification of online casinos. Exactly like it sounds, this basically means that game elements are being added to online casinos. You will have the opportunity to win points for playing games, participate in tiered VIP programs, and unlock achievements. Sounds like a video game? Well that is the whole point. It makes these online casinos more exciting and increases engagement. For the player’s point of view, we think gamification is great, online casinos have to give away more bonuses, rewards, and promotions to incentivize participation, and on top of everything It is fun.

Trend number three. New online casinos in 2017 continue to include sports books and allow players to wager on sports. We first saw this in early 2014, but in the last three it continued to occur. 2017 will be no different. We expect that more and more online casinos will find a way to incorporate sports betting in their site, and in the due course of time it will be a player’s expectation that their casino has this functionality. Specialization is good, but it is very convenient when an online casino has both in house. It is just a case of being able to place bets on sport and play casino games under a single login. All these online casinos joining the sports betting market is sure to tighten the odds, as online book makers have to compete against hundreds of new sites with less overheads.

An increasing amount of payment methods are being accepted at online casinos. Some of the banking innovations that have only been accepted in the European Union are rolling out to the rest of the world. PayPal has gradually started to make its way back into the industry after parting with eBay and deciding it was going to supply online payments for gambling purposes outside of the US. We expect this to come to fruition in 2017 as online casinos have been hesitant to allow the unpredictable PayPal back into the fold. Skrill and Neteller along with the dozens of other e-wallets are gaining popularity, and we anticipate this will continue.

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