Looking for a great new casino site from 2016? Last year has in fact been an really interesting year with the casino industry experiencing an explosive growth. Never before have so many new online casinos been introduced to the crowds during one year only. We have also seen many new trends concerning the themes, gaming options, bonuses, promotions and of course it has been an explosion of new online slots and other casino games. Both ratings from our experts and comments from users like yourself are shown when clicking on any of the reviews below:

Below are the 55 newest casinos from 2016

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The Casino Trends for 2016

2016 was a massive year for online casinos and players. No deposit bonuses were on the way out. In 2015 they were all the range. Every online casino was offering no deposit bonuses but we saw them slow right down in 2016. You can still find no deposit bonuses if you know where to look, but they come with stricter terms and higher turnover requirements. This has been leading to more users dismissing the sign-up bonus and focusing on real money bonuses on new casinos 2016 instead.

Mobile casinos made it big. We knew it would happen eventually, but 2016 was a huge year for mobile gambling. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this change. There are more payment methods than ever before which allow online casinos to fund a bankroll directly from a mobile device. Developers are making games that are specifically designed for the mobile platform, and as phone screens have got bigger, this has made it easier to play casino games on them. In the past mobile casinos were dominated by the slots, but we have seen table games make their way onto the mobile devices. Consider this, in 2011 only 7% of online gambling was done on a mobile device. That number is now above 50%. Mobile data and the ever increasing access to WIFI is letting players place bets on the way to work, or while their kids play football.

Gamification was also one of the big trends among new casinos 2016. We were awarded points for playing games, given trophies and moved up tiered VIP programs. Gamification is when you assign game elements to something and essentially making an online casino into a video game. This trend is going to continue because the casinos that have included it reported massive increases in audience engagement. Rizk casino and Ikibu Casino were the two big releases that really showed off how gamification could be used in an online casino. The great thing about these two online casinos is that they had to offer a lot more rewards, bonuses, and promotions to incentivize their level systems and make their VIP program mean something. It is also really fun. You always feel like the next game will get you to the gold VIP level.

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