GameCo Big LogoGameCo is a forward-thinking brand of the new casinos community and has a vision of amalgamating the gambling experience with the high-intensity fun of video gaming. The company proudly flaunts the fact that it is the first company to actualize on the concept of Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM™), and has already delivered a powerful portfolio of games for the young generation.

Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM™) is the brainchild of GameCo and the brand has been engaged in this niche since 2014, when it was launched in New York, US.

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The Story of GameCo

The company has gained an international reputation for its epic line-up of casino games, that includes first-person shooter, simple mission-based games and casual games with lots of exotic cultures. The company is yet to make its debut in the European markets and is working to optimize its games to the latest gambling regulations in Europe.

GameCo operates in North and South America, through a series of land-based casino partners. The founders of GameCo is what makes the brand interesting. The company is able to attract the best of both the worlds, from the video gaming industry and from gambling companies. Its core consists of artists, mathematicians, game developers, software engineers and strategists from top organizations.

From the world of gambling, it has sourced its team from past employees of Scientific Games, International Game Technology, and American Gaming Systems while it has ex-members of video gaming giants like Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, DreamWorks, and Wargaming. This epic symbiosis between video gaming and gambling is a newfound trend and is the future of both industries. Pioneering companies like GameCo makes this dream come true in some of the most exclusive platforms.

We expect GameCo to expand into the world of online content as its games will find much appreciation in the growing tepidness of the iGaming community. The company is also yet to consolidate its position in the North American market and is still on an expansion mode.

On October 2016, GameCo opened its second office in Las Vegas to cater to the growing demand for its gaming cabinets, which are increasingly becoming popular in youth-centric casinos. GameCo is a relatively new company, having started its operations in 2014. Its proper foray into the mainstream gambling market happened only in 2015 when it partnered with US-based resorts and casinos.

Due to a completely new product, the company was able to attract a new demographic into the industry, the young and the new millennials, which formed the core support base of the company. The games of GameCo appealed to the younger generation more because, for the first time, the skill was used to decide the outcome and not blind luck. This was a momentous shift away from the traditional gambling platforms, and the result was an epic rise in organic popularity.

GameCo has partnered with several top brands to expand. The company started with just one resort in New Jersey and now has a formidable space in resorts of Atlantic City, Caribbean, Chile, Connecticut and Oklahoma. Each passing year, we can see the brand expand into new territories and it will soon reach the shores of Europe.

Some of the most notable partners of GameCo are Tropicana Resorts: Atlantic City, Casino Up and Casino Royale in the Caribbean’s, and Dream Hotels in Puerto Varas, Chile. Two of the biggest partnerships of GameCo happened in 2016 when it partnered with the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut and then the Choctaw Resorts in Oklahoma. It is evident from its slow pace of expansion that the company focuses on quality above everything else, and likes to have an exclusive presence.

GameCo Games Portfolio

The gaming content of GameCo is a class above others and offers something totally new. The games are only available in land-based gaming cabinets, hand-crafted by GameCo itself. For the first time, you can use your video-gaming skills to shore up your casino account. During the three years of its focused game development, GameCo has been able to produce seven games. Each of these is very different than others and packs in the same diversity as an entire game portfolio of slots. The diversity is so great that is its something hard to guess that all the games are produced by the same company.

The first game of GameCo was the Pharaoh’s Secret Temple, which was developed as a simple skill-based slot. Players had to match up gems to open newly-dug treasure chests and also explore a whole gaming arena filled with awesome Boost Ups, Power-Up Prizes, Lucky Charms, and Egyptian-themed traps. It was nothing compared to the latest games of GameCo but a powerful debut for a year-old company. GameCo tested the waters with this game and it received a moderate response.

The next video game based slot, Poseidon Deep Sea Saga, was launched in quick succession and it was another epic title in the casual gaming list. It found many takers for its simplicity and instant visual appeal. It was a lot better from Pharaoh’s Secret Temple in terms of gameplay and graphics and it was a watershed product for GameCo. The next games would redefine the brand’s image and give it a totally global makeover. The year was 2015, and the name of the new game was Cosmic Candy Heist, a Cosmic Candy Heist Saga.

Players were transformed into a whole new world, where you have to carry out raids on exotic planets to keep going and was a masterpiece in terms of graphics. The company continued its evolution with the T2: Terminator 2, which is the first, First-Person Action for Core gamers, based in gambling settings. It was non-stop entertainment and carried all the Hollywood clichés of the movie like fighting against the Skynet and T-1000 captured Resistance units. This Sci-fi game will surely take your breath away if you followed the Terminator Series.

Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream was another epic videogame-cum-slot that the company brought out for satiating the growing customer demands. The company next turned its focus into sports and delivered a classy basketball game, where you can win by putting the ball in the net. Nothin’ but Net – Basketball was a huge success for sports-fans and a revolutionary game in sports-based video game gambling.

The most recent game from GameCo is Danger Arena, which is a flagship game for the brand, as the company invested all its energy into creating this masterclass of a game. Danger Arena is the first skill-based Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM) and comes with patented arcade-style cabinets, that takes users to a new world of betting and gaming.

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